About Us

Our Company

LiveJournal is a community publishing platform, willfully blurring the lines between blogging and social networking. Since 1999 LiveJournal has been home to a wide array of creative individuals looking to share common interests, meet new friends, and express themselves.

LiveJournal encourages communal interaction and personal expression by offering a user-friendly interface and a deeply customizable journal. The service's individuality stems from the way highly dedicated users utilize our simple tools, along with the instinct for individual expression, to create new venues for online socializing.

Because of LiveJournal's unique combination of platform and social media, LiveJournal has a unique personality in different parts of the world. In fact every national community in every country is unique in its own way. Where a user in the United States might focus their attention on communities dedicated to topics from the popular to the esoteric, users in the U.K. may tend to rally around entertainment-related issues. In Russia LiveJournal makes up the vast majority of the blogosphere, hosting over 80 of the top 100 Russian blogs. In Singapore LiveJournal revolves around collaboratively purchasing overseas goods. And that's just for starters.

With more than 16 million journals on topics like politics, entertainment, fashion, literature and design, some key similarities emerge: the overall culture is distinctly open source-not only from a product perspective-but from a cultural one. The spirit of volunteerism pervades LiveJournal, crossing all boundaries and propagated via insanely passionate individuals. At LiveJournal creativity, diversity and tolerance are the mainstream.

Our Values


Our tools allow our user community to communicate with each other in immediate and creative ways. We believe in letting our users create their own content, to choose how they express themselves, their thoughts, and their feelings.

We welcome and respect different opinions, different cultures, and different perspectives, and are committed to helping our users share their diversity with others. LiveJournal brings people of various backgrounds together, and strongly supports freedom of expression.


We encourage our user community to use LiveJournal to share the process of creating their content with friends. We believe that everyone has something to offer, whatever form it may take, and want to make it easy for our users to share that with the world.


LiveJournal thrives because of loyal users and active community volunteers. We're committed to collaborating with the community in order to improve the service for everyone, so we work to incorporate member feedback into our product and technical decisions. The LiveJournal community enjoys an unprecedented amount of influence and input into product and policy decisions.


We make sure to safeguard our users' private Journal entries but also provide tools that allow them to choose with whom to share the content they want to share, be it with just a small group of friends, or with a larger user-created community. We respect the decisions our users make, and let them decide how to protect the content they create. We continue to maintain the service that the LiveJournal community trusts.

Our Heritage

The LiveJournal Story

LiveJournal.com, a blogging platform and online community built around personal journals, was started by Brad Fitzpatrick in April of 1999. It was begun simply as a fun project to entertain himself and some of his friends. As friends told friends, more people joined and it became a huge success. The platform soon grew to be bigger than a single person could easily handle.

As a result, LiveJournal soon began hiring their first employees. A team of volunteers also continued working with LiveJournal's original developer. This early team transformed LiveJournal.com from a college project into a two time Webby Award-winning site used by millions of people around the globe.

San Francisco blogging pioneer Six Apart bought LiveJournal's parent company, Danga Interactive, in 2005. Danga Interactive's founder, Brad Fitzpatrick, maintained links with the project, working as a staff-member at Six Apart into 2007. In December 2007 Russian Internet company SUP purchased LiveJournal, and established LiveJournal Inc. to run it.