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December 1, 2008
Blogging Increasing in Popularity Among Generation Y
Anderson Analytics

November 19, 2008
LiveJournal moves to new server facility

November 4, 2008
US election coverage - who's making the most of the web?
Online Journalism Blog

November 3, 2008
Election Section Perfection?: News Sites' Presidential Strategies Prize Blogs, Tweets, Maps
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October 15, 2008
Mood: Existential. LiveJournal on the App Store

August 29, 2008
No Question, he's a success
Boston Globe

August 13, 2008
Blogging From The Front
Columbia Journalism Review

August 10, 2008
Champion logging off blogging experiment
Boston Globe

August 7, 2008
There's life after death if you're online
The Guardian

June 23, 2008
Online collaboration lands young authors book deal
Global And Mail

June 12, 2008
LiveJournal appoints Yahoo alum as new exec

May 30, 2008
LiveJournal Selects Their New Board Members; Meet Jennifer Brady and Zafar Khashimov

May 29, 2008
Elections, if not democracy, spread to LiveJournal

May 27, 2008
Editorial: Livejournal Advisory Board Elections
Firefox News

April 22, 2008
Russia: BBC and Livejournal create Russian blog community for user-generated content
Editors Weblog

March 24, 2008
LiveJournal Says Goodbye to Unique Account Structure, Against Wishes of Advisors

March 12, 2008
LiveJournal 2008: Advisory Board Elections
Stowe Boyd Blog

February 28, 2008
LiveJournal's New Advisory Board Includes Fitzpatrick

February 28, 2008
LiveJournal Filled With Awesomeness: Lessig, Dyson and boyd Join Board of Advisors

February 11, 2008
Social-networking sites going global
USA Today

January 4, 2008
Find lost friends using the Internet
USA Today

December 6, 2007
International Hunt for Missing Backpacker Harnesses Blog Power

December 3, 2007
Russia's SUP Acquires LiveJournal Blogging Service

December 3, 2007
Six Apart sells LiveJournal for c. $30 million

December 3, 2007
LiveJournal acquired by Russian company SUP

December 3, 2007
LiveJournal flogged to Russians
The Register

December 3, 2007
Russian Firm Buys LiveJournal
New York Times

December 3, 2007
LiveJournal Sale May Revive Six Apart

December 3, 2007
Russian Firm Buys LiveJournal

December 3, 2007
LiveJournal sold to Russian media company SUP

December 3, 2007
Russian Firm Plays Web 2.0 Roulette With LiveJournal Buy
E-Commerce Times

December 3, 2007
Six Apart Announces New Home for LiveJournal
The Earth Times

December 2, 2007
Blogging Pioneers to Break Apart
San Francisco Chronicle

December 2, 2007
Six Apart jettisons LiveJournal