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September 22, 2009

LiveJournal today launched Your Journal - Your Money a new service which offers users the chance to earn money from their Journals. This new program is supported by Google AdSense and will be available to LiveJournal users worldwide. LiveJournal users interested in taking part can find out more at

Your Journal - Your Money was launched at a press conference in Moscow today. In attendance were Brad Fitzpatrick, the founder of and current advisory board member, Annelies van den Belt, the CEO of SUP, parent company of LiveJournal Inc., and Vladimir Dolgov, country manager for Google Russia.

All current and future LiveJournal users with paid accounts are eligible to participate in the program. They will be required to sign up for a Google AdSense account or associate an existing account to start earning revenue from displaying Google ads.

Google will pass on most of the revenue generated from this program directly to LiveJournal users. LiveJournal user earnings will depend on different factors, such as the cost of the ads, based on the standard Google auction model. LiveJournal will not directly receive any share of the advertising revenue.

LiveJournal users will be given the opportunity to select the size of ads that appear on their Journals and the format. Google AdSense will administer billing, accounting, and ensure legal compliance.

This new service follows a highly successful beta trial where LiveJournal users were given the opportunity to insert ad banners in their Journals to earn revenue.

LiveJournal founder and advisory board member, Brad Fitzpatrick, who attended the launch in Moscow during a visit to Russia, remarked: "I built LiveJournal and now work for Google, so it's fun to see both companies working together for the benefit of the bloggers. I hope that LiveJournal users who want to join Your Journal - Your Money will make the most of it."

"This is a great moment for LiveJournal users," said Annelies van den Belt, CEO of SUP, parent company of LiveJournal. "For the first time they will have the option to generate revenue from their Journals. We have wanted to offer the LiveJournal community the opportunity to do this for some time, and we are thrilled that the Google AdSense program offered us a simple solution. It's now up to our great community of users to sign up and keep engaging their readers."

Vladimir Dolgov, country manager for Google Russia, said: "This project allows millions of LiveJournal users to work with Google to earn money from doing what they already love to do on LiveJournal. The Google AdSense program is successfully used by many bloggers across the globe, and I am delighted that LiveJournal users are now going to be able to share in this success."

This represents the first phase of Your Journal - Your Money. In the future LiveJournal hopes to extend this program to LiveJournal communities as well.

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